Advanced Manufacturing in USA

August 10, 2016

What’s in it for your? The program is designed to meet your needs

FIndustry 4.0

  • Promoting Finnish expertise
  • PR and concrete network marketing through MEPs, etc. networks
  • TeamFinland services in use, synergies with other programs
  • Link with the most relevant players in Finland à cluster offering

Education track

  • Trainings and group consultation,
  • Success stories, peer-to-peer learning
  • Concrete information like, what certificates are needed, etc.

Market screening

  • Focused market studies based on company group needs
  • Concrete regional and industry knowledge through USA networks



  • Link with the most relevant players in the US
  • Match Finnish clusters with US clusters and networks
  • Increase company’s conspicuousness
  • Access to contacts not known or available other way

For more information, contact Essi Huttu, essi.huttu(at)dimecc.com.

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