Design for Value

March 3, 2017

Value driven ecosystem for digitally disrupting supply chain

The aim of the DIMECC D4Value program is to enable the best possible use of digital disruption for business growth. The D4Value program has a strong industry demand which has been emphasized by the rapid development in different supply chain parts (factories, ports, ships, etc.). The program focuses on door-to-door supply chain which is under digital disruptions and is rapidly changing towards an ecosystem of fully autonomous system-of-systems. Although changes are ongoing in many fronts of the supply chain, the overall value network has not been disrupted yet.

Especially in the autonomous shipping, D4Value program has a critical role as it is the first ecosystem level approach in the area. Although the autonomous shipping has been raised into the focus, D4Value focuses intensively also other critical supply chain parts and their digital value creation questions.

Schelude: 2016-2019
Budget: 19M€

Contact: Ülo Parts, EVP Operations, DIMECC, ulo.parts(at)dimecc.com

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