August 10, 2016

Working together, enabling opportunities and accelerating success

Industrial internet is already here. MemsCat ecosystem members offer you technology that makes your products or services part of the internet.

Objectives of MemsCat project are to establish co-operation and R&D functions between MemsCat and DIMECC shareholders and participants of different DIMECC programs and other Finnish industry and thereby form competitive network of companies. Enabling the formation of industrial internet is one part of MemsCat functions.

Microsystems offer a way to add intelligence to almost any product or service and thus provide added value or increase the competitiveness. MemsCat is a partnership devoted to help you in finding this added value and to integrate the intelligence into your products or services.

MEMS stands for MicroElectroMechanicalSystems. MEMS are usually sensors or actuators that either sense or control the environment. Due to the small size of their functional parts they are usually much more sensitive than conventional solutions and their energy consumption is also smaller. MEMS components are already used or could be used, for example, in mobile phones, cars, and industry, medical and well-being applications and in environmental monitoring. When coupled with proper electronics they allow new features to be embedded into existing products and thus raise their competitiveness and added-value. Today microsystems create almost 1 B€ business in Finland and active companies range from small to large. Already today the sector directly employs thousands of people, but the potential to create a large number of new companies and jobs requiring skilled labor is high.

More information about MemsCat ecosystem can be found at www.memscat.fi. The website gives you some examples how members of MemsCat have improved safety, reliability, performance or environmental responsibility in various cases through their MEMS components.

MemsCat project is financially supported by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and participating companies.

Contact: Risto Lehtinen, risto.lehtinen(at)dimecc.com

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