DIMECC’s industry-driven Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School digs deep into fracture mechanics – for the benefit of industry


Digital materials engineering concept executed by the DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School with its tens of industry partners in the BSA and HYBRIDS programs aims to speed up R&D significantly. We combine solid understanding of material characteristics from micro-structure to product-level in demanding industrial application environments utilizing modern multi-scale modeling tools. Experimental research plays, however, a key role in providing the accurate data needed for the models and creating the deep fundamental understanding on critical phenomena such as wear, fracture, fatigue, friction or corrosion.

The 6th Seminar of the DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School arranged in Tampere 26.-27.9.2016 focused on smart experimental research methods which are needed together with the multi-scale modeling to solve critical research challenges set by the industry. A world-leading expert in the field, Professor Amos Gilat, The Ohio State University, USA joined the event as a keynote speaker and key research collaborator. The industrial keynote was given by Jari Riihilahti from Metso, the company hosting the event.

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More information:
Dr. Markku Heino, Spinverse Innovation Management Oy
Program Manager, DIMECC BSA & HYBRIDS

Prof. Kenneth Holmberg, VTT
Director, DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School

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