Final Report on HYBRIDS “Hybrid Materials” published

The DIMECC HYBRIDS program (2014-2017) was designed to create new capabilities enabling the combination and use of common engineering materials in an innovative way. The mission of the program was to create and to effectively run a unique multidisciplinary knowledge platform for advanced hybrid materials solutions. The highly cross technological industry group of 38 companies represents many different existing value chains and 7 research organizations in selected expertise areas, and their high-level international partners, have ensured the program’s scientific significance and ambition. The final report presents the research results and impact of the DIMECC HYBRIDS program.

The know-how of how to apply advanced materials effectively in the right applications is the key success factor to guarantee high performance, cost-efficiency, safety and long service life for products. Also, many industrial applications in various fields require property combinations that cannot be achieved by conventional materials. The DIMECC HYBRIDS program has focused on solving fundamental challenges in the development and industrial application of multi-materials, such as specific composites, coatings, and layered structures, to create unique property combinations that conventional materials do not possess. The goal has been to create both novel multi-disciplinary competencies and value-added, hard-to-copy hybrid material solutions that meet tough customer and application requirements, bringing a crucial competitive edge for Finnish companies in the global market.

The identified critical materials challenges have been solved through intensive industry-led R&D collaboration. As a result, a variety of important solutions have been developed, such as new wear- and corrosion-resistant, non-sticking, energy absorbing/ reflecting coatings, functional lightweight composites, hybrid structures for sensing and monitoring, or novel slide bearings and tribological contacts improving significantly the energy efficiency and operational reliability of machines and equipment. DIMECC Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School, ran in collaboration with DIMECC BSA program, has been the key tool to develop the modeling and simulation expertise in material properties, based on real-life industrial challenges. In this, we have built comprehensive world-class capabilities in so-called Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), boosting the digitalized materials development.

Take a closer look at the results of DIMECC HYBRIDS program here.

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