FORGE Service Lab has been discontinued

As of 17.11.2015, FORGE Service Lab is no longer operational.


All assets (excluding security critical information) utilized and developed during the active period of FORGE Service Lab are published on GitHub and and on certain video distribution services. To circumvent the limitations of GitHub platform, it is a good idea to start the review of the assets from here.

Direct links to the key assets:

  • FORGE Service Lab videos:
    • FORGE Service Lab YouTube channel . A light introduction to FORGE Service Lab can be found here
    • The recording of the grand opening of FORGE Service Lab on 23.4.2014
    • The recording of the first anniversary on 28.4.2015
  • FORGE Service Lab customer documentation can be found here
  • All documentation related to the development, processes and operations of FORGE Sevice Lab can be found here
  • FORGE Service Design Toolkit can be found here.
  • FORGE Service Lab brand assets can be found here

All published assets (except videos) can be found here


If you wish to have more information about FORGE Service Lab, please send us mail.