MPIDEA Innovation Competition is open until 5th of April — Participate now!

MPIDEA innovation competition is for ideas regarding products, services, and processes where productivity is increased, and new business is created through digital solutions.

MPIDEA in a nutshell
The proposal should create jobs and wellbeing to the Finnish market.
The aim of the proposal should be contributing to the creation of 100 000 new jobs to Finland. One can participate in the competition with an idea, a product, or a service.

Who is it for?
Everybody! Innovators, start-ups, students, growth companies and spin-off business creators.

The prize
The Main Prize is offered by McKinsey, the most respected consultancy in the world. McKinsey offers the winning team access to their 5-month long Growth Accelerator Program. In the first stage of the program McKinsey business experts will help develop the winner’s business idea and spar the winner’s go-to-market plan. The second element of the prize is the coaching McKinsey offers; they will provide tools for improving the  performance of the winning team. Best proposals will also be presented at MPD summit on June 4-6 2019 at Tähtiareena, Tampere.

MPIDEA competition page and the participation form.


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