We are recruiting: Senior Ecosystem Lead and Program Management Expert

Future will be co-created. Europe needs leadership and facilitation for co-creating growth and jobs. Industries need guidance and support in changing their business models, solutions, channels, technologies, and culture towards digital economy and faster time-to-money. In Finland, DIMECC will make this happen. Since 2008, we have facilitated digital transformation of industries through our ecosystems, initiatives, and programs. DIMECC is the leading co-creation platform for digital transformation of the Finnish industries. The shareholders of DIMECC include major multi-national technology companies from Finland, representing manufacturing, ICT, maritime, and metal processing industries.

We are now hiring:

Senior Ecosystem Lead
Program Management Expert

In order to ramp up our operations, we are now looking for a Senior Ecosystem Lead. An ideal candidate for this position has a proven track record in facilitating and leading large consortia from initial vision to practical outcomes. She/he also knows how to lead research & innovation programs from ideas to implementation. This is a unique opportunity for a professional facilitator and an experienced program manager, who has a passion in driving boundary-crossing groups towards digital transformation and setting more ambitious goals than any of the group members would foresee alone.

In the position of Ecosystem Lead, you will take a leading role in transferring companies’ digitalisation strategies and growth scenarios into ambitious but concrete and well-managed execution. Your facilitation helps DIMECC’s customers create, develop, and launch a new growth acceleration ecosystem that, while combining companies of all sizes, is especially directed for scale-ups. You will lead an industry renewal program, which includes academic research and industrial innovation work not only for technological change, but also for business, cultural, and behavioural renewal. You help industry to scale its knowledge and competences to meet the challenges of new business opportunities.

Requirements for Senior Ecosystem Lead:
We expect that you have experience in leadership, management, and implementation of large-scale industrial development programs, preferably with multi-stakeholder set-up. You are also a professional facilitator with excellent program management, negotiation, and presentation skills. You are not afraid of setting ambitious goals to yourself – and then reaching them.

We expect that you have:
• Strong track record of leadership in or with traditional manufacturing and/or marine
industry companies and their operations
• Result orientation, strong analytical mindset and strategic thinking
• Entrepreneurial attitude and passion for initiatives
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including influencing and presenting
• International experience in industrial and business development networks & ecosystems
• Ability to analyse, simplify and communicate complex topics
• Experience and genuine interest in IT and digitalisation

DIMECC is also looking for a Program Management Expert who can guide and support cross-organisational and cross-disciplinary work of industrial companies and research institutions. An ideal candidate for this position is a co-creation enthusiast with a couple of years of work experience both in research and in commercial companies. She/he is fast in analyzing the context and other factors influencing decision-making, talented in writing and describing issues and action plans in English and in Finnish, and willing to learn a wide spectrum of new people, technologies, and businesses.

This is a great learning opportunity for a newly graduated master or a post doc, who has a passion to drive boundary-crossing groups towards digital transformation and turning ideas into concrete action plans and deliverables. In 2-3 years, the Program Management Expert is expected to take part in the design of new co-creation mechanisms, launch new national and European initiatives, and having processed more than 100 companies’ business development cases through a systematic, cross-disciplinary approach.

In the position of Program Management Expert, you will support DIMECC’s customers to execute their digitalization strategies and growth plans. You help our customers agree on joint goals, define shared roadmaps, set and reach milestones, and effectively communicate the outcomes and impact of co-creation. You will meet business challenges from marine, manufacturing, metals, software, and ICT industries and guide companies through processes leading into radically or incrementally new business. You can communicate with academic researchers and industrial innovation people. You help DIMECC to shorten the time-to-money.

Requirements for Program Management Expert:
We expect that you have background in process and industrial management, and in technology industries. Work experience in multi-stakeholder set-ups is also expected. You are able to guide and lead experts with excellent communications, negotiation, writing, and presentation skills.

We expect that you have:

• Studies and/or work experience in or with traditional manufacturing and/or marine
industry companies and their operations
• Result orientation, analytical mindset, and service-oriented thinking
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including writing and presenting in
English and in Finnish
• Experience in person networks & understanding systems
• Experience and genuine interest in IT and digitalisation

Our employees can choose any of our offices (Tampere, Helsinki, or Turku) as his/her main location. Regardless of the chosen location, ability and willingness to travel – especially in Finland – is expected.

Applications for the position should be sent before March 31st, 2019 to CEO Dr. Harri Kulmala, harri.kulmala (at) dimecc.com

Contacts and further information:

Dr. Harri Kulmala                                     Mr. Risto Lehtinen
CEO                                                           Head of Co-Creation
DIMECC Ltd                                               DIMECC Ltd
harri.kulmala(at)dimecc.com                    risto.lehtinen(at)dimecc.com
+358 40 840 6380                                     +358 50 555 3900

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