DIMECC is an open company, owned by forerunning companies in manufacturing and technology, as well as research organizations. DIMECC enables the collaborative innovation needed to share the risks, benefits, and costs of creating a new business. In the company, customers create new methods and tools to develop the business of the future, and use the services to multiply the resources, know-how and force they otherwise have at their disposal.

DIMECC was founded in 2008 to assist companies in conducting strategic research and developing new technologies. Since 2016, the promotion and utilization of digitalisation and the creation of new business have played a key role.

Today, DIMECC is an open collaboration platform that facilitates the formation of new business ecosystems as well as the technological and commercial renewal and growth of companies.

Co-creation and the underlying company values ​​- efficiency, transparency and respect for knowledge – are increasingly needed in a world where new business models do not respect organizational boundaries.