What is “DIMECC Fellow”?

DIMECC Fellow is a public recognition to a person, who represents the official set of DIMECC values in force at the time of nomination and forwards these with his/her behaviour.

DIMECC values consist of openness & transparency for the good of digital, internet, material & engineering technologies and ICT, manufacturing & engineering industries, efficiency & effectiveness in implementations and activities, and expressed cooperation and recognition towards external competence.

The nomination is a personal life-long status, except the case where a person is experienced behaving against the selection criteria and DIMECC values. In this unfortunate case, nomination will be cancelled.


Who can be named as DIMECC Fellow?

The person to be nominated as “DIMECC Fellow” must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Many years of work for and publicly shown support to DIMECC Ltd. (no need to be formally DIMECC employee).
  • Experienced by colleagues and others as a strong supporter for openness, transparency, and renewal.
  • Effective and efficient work for the generic and overall success of ICT, manufacturing & engineering industries.
  • Willingness and capability to combine scientific and practical interests.
  • Positive and open mind towards new, radical, and non-traditional ways to organize R&D&I and management of these.


How DIMECC Fellow is nominated?

Anyone can suggest a person that meets the criteria above, to DIMECC’s CEO. Listening to the CEO’s proposals, the Board of Directors nominates maximum one person per each of DIMECC’s life years as a DIMECC Fellow.


How DIMECC Fellowship is published?

DIMECC Fellows are presented with short descriptions and pictures in the company’s web pages, newsletters of the nomination time, and in annual reports.

DIMECC Fellow receives a numbered honorary banner, and the Fellowship is announced in any of DIMECC’s big events (e.g. DIMECC Annual Seminar, MPD, etc.)

All FIMECC Fellows once nominated will be later presented as DIMECC Fellows with exactly the same continuum of order once started.


DIMECC Fellows

#1    Prof. Pentti Karjalainen, University of Oulu

About 20 years before there was DIMECC, Prof. Karjalainen started to work systematically in academia with industry, just like we do today in DIMECC. Karjalainen has significantly contributed to the strategic directions, scientific quality, and societal role of DIMECC. He has built one of the key competence centres used in DIMECC research, the Centre for Advanced Steels Research in the University of Oulu.


#2    Director Ilkka Niemelä, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Even before there was DIMECC, Mr. Niemelä took care of the success potential and operative options of the to-be operational model. He contributed to the recruitment, organizing, and naming DIMECC. Through all the years, he has helped DIMECC both in international relationships and national innovation environment.


 #3    CTO Matti Sommarberg, Cargotec Oyj

Five years in the board of DIMECC and the three-year period as the chairman of the board gave DIMECC and all of us a long list of good ideas to be implemented. All these ideas by Mr. Sommarberg are powered with DIMECC spirit: Just like the others would not guess.



#4    Arto Ranta-Eskola, R&D director, SSAB

​Even before there was DIMECC, Dr. Ranta-Eskola participated in discussions, that initiated company-driven R&D&I model for Finnish metals and engineering industries. From the build-up phase of DIMECC until his retirement in 2015, Dr. Ranta-Eskola has significantly and publicly promoted DIMECC, contributed to the strategy and research program content of DIMECC, and motivated his own organization to implement SSAB’s R&D efforts in DIMECC programs.


#5    Ismo Vessonen, senior research scientist, VTT

Mr. Vessonen states almost in all of his public speeches, that DIMECC is the best way to carry out applied research that he has identified during his 25-year career. Mr. Vessonen performed excellently when leading DIMECC EFFIMA program for five years. He participated both in leading the big picture and managing the details. Mr. Vessonen highlighted always those who created the results, and promoted DIMECC spirit of sharing and searching for new opportunities.


#6    R&D director Janne Järvinen, F-Secure

Dr. Janne Järvinen has lead two very successful DIMECC programs: Cloud Software and Need for Speed. The programs have increased the competitiveness of Finnish SW intensive industry – the industry which is in the forerunner of digitalization. Dr. Järvinen has had an undisputed role in this increase. He has brought the way how to lead agile co-creative R&D programs into completely new level. DIMECC in total has taken those methods on agile program management into use for other business and research domains. In addition to contributions to DIMECC innovation platform, he has actively worked in EU level, especially in the context of ECSO (European Cybersecurity Organization) and EIT Digital.


#7    Director, Sales and Business Development Markku Korkiakoski, Bittium

Mr. Markku Korkiakoski has had a critical role in joining Finnish forces, both industrial and academic, in cyber security area through DIMECC’s Cyber Trust program. He has decisively worked to ensure that Cyber Trust program was started despite of difficulties in the early stage. Mr. Korkiakoski has proactively found solutions to make DIMECC platform larger and more well-known in international context. The start of NSF (National Science Foundation) I/UCRC (industry university cooperative research center) in this autumn would not have happened without him. In addition, new activities to boost cooperation within Finland and internationally are under preparation currently. By contributions in cybersecurity area, Mr. Korkiakoski has made his employer Bittium more significant and more benefiting player within the DIMECC innovation platform.


#8    EVP Sauli Eloranta, Rolls-Royce

Mr. Eloranta was the primary initiator and creator of the first ever DIMECC program, I&N. He initiated and launched the first DIMECC ecosystem, One Sea. He has contributed to the DIMECC program management, portfolio volume, and lean integrator role in the industry and in Finland significantly. In his DIMECC shareholder company employments he has centralized and opened RDI projects within the DIMECC context. Mr. Eloranta has creatively opened new avenues for all Finnish organisations to make wider, more impactful, and more systemic benefit out of working within DIMECC innovation platform.