Our services that speed up your time to market

Dimecc Ecosystems

Ecosystems offer to their participants opportunities to open new markets and create radically new business opportunities with like-minded companies. By using an ecosystem approach and collaborative operating model, companies can combine their forces and competences to achieve targets on their jointly agreed roadmap.

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Dimecc Co-creation

DIMECC is an effective and efficient co-creation partner for strategic research, development, and innovation activities. We build ecosystems to create competitiveness for the future, and boost their new business creation and new market entries. No matter, if your challenge is small or big, DIMECC co-creation services guarantee you faster time-to-market and increased number of ideas compared to working alone.

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Dimecc Network

DIMECC has a number of international networks where our customers can join to boost their innovation capacity and business growth. Boosting innovation capacity means both increased number and variety of high-quality partners and external funding opportunities. Business growth comes through wider geographical area of business and new partnerships in the R&D phase.

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