Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023

DIMECC takes part in Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023, October 4-5, 2023 in Kajaani.

CSC organizes a Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 in Kajaani – a must-attend event for companies interested to boost their innovations with supercomputing! Two-day program is full of enlightening talks by top speakers and inspiring industrial use cases where they showcase the benefits they have accomplished with supercomputing in their business.

  • Discover how supercomputing can boost your RDI efforts with demanding simulations, large-scale artificial intelligence (Al), and high-performance data analytics
  • Learn from industrial use cases showcasing the benefits of supercomputing in R&D
  • Get practical guidance on utilising LUMI for industrial use.
  • Explore financial support options for companies
  • Gain ideas how to collaborate with higher education and research institutions
  • Stay up to date with the latest advancements and future plans for quantum computing in Finland

There is also an exclusive opportunity to visit LUMI EuroHPC, the fastest supercomputer in Europe.

More information available on the event web page here.