Metaverse Finland Ecosystem

June 27, 2024

This is a journey towards making Finland the global leader in the metaverse industry. We are here to make sure it gets there.

The Metaverse is expected to be the next big ​technology platform worth 8 to 13 trillion € by ​2030. The Finnish Metaverse Initiative, as ​published by Business Finland, comprises four ​key components: the Finnish Approach, the ​Finnish Vision, the Way to the Future, and the ​Recommendations and Actions. The goal of ​the Metaverse Finland Ecosystem is to ​implement this strategy in practise.

Our Targets

  • Higher market growth rate than the global market
  • Increased knowledge in the field To grow Finland’s pool of knowledge through white papers, RDI projects, increased awareness of general public and exposure to international platforms for companies
  • EU Influencing Increase the number of industrial members participating in EU programs or projects related to Metaverse, co-operation with international ecosystems to increase business possibilties.
  • Increased collaboration & availability of equipment Making the right organisations come together to use and develop technology and enabling co-offerings among the players that will put Finland at the forefront of the industry.

Want to know more? Let’s talk!

Tomi Kankainen, Ecosystem Lead, Chief Business Development Officer tomi.kankainen@dimecc.com +358 50 561 1161

Medha Gupta, Ecosystem Lead, ScaleUp Manager medha.gupta@dimecc.com +358 40 840 3495

Dr. Arto Peltomaa, Ecosystem Advisor, Program Manager arto.peltomaa@dimecc.com +358 40 551 1434