VAMOS Ecosystem

June 27, 2022

Transportation is an industry domain that is crucial both in combatting climate change and in supporting green transition. Increasing the level of automation and real-time processing of data in a sustainable fashion can make a tremendous impact to safety, efficiency, and carbon footprint of transportation. These changes open significant business opportunities globally for technology companies that operate with autonomous and smart technologies.

VAMOS Ecosystem is an innovation cluster that focuses on autonomous mobility in smart spaces. It brings together companies that jointly collaborate, compete, and create solutions based on smart spaces technologies, electrification, and autonomous smart mobility for the global market. VAMOS seeks to connect relevant technology and service providers with end users, value ecosystems, and OEM providers from various vertical industries.


VAMOS Ecosystem is funded by Business Finland and the participating companies.

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For more information, please contact:


Ecosystem Facilitator
Phong Truong
email: phong.truong(at)dimecc.com
Tel. +358 453 503 778

Business Development Officer
Tomi Kankainen
email: tomi.kankainen(at)dimecc.com
Tel +358 50 561 1161


Senior Ecosystem Lead
Rauno Hatakka
email: rauno.hatakka(at)dimecc.com
Tel +358 40 861 7617


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