D4V Results Seminar, 15th of January 2019

DIMECC Design for Value (D4V) program’s results seminar will be held on the 15th of January  from 8:45 – 12:30 in Helsinki. In order to participate in the event, You have to register here. The seminar is free of charge.


PLACE: Meeting Park (Campus), Kukontori, Forum, Helsinki. Map 

TIME: 15.1.2019, 8:45 – 12:30


The focus of D4V program has been on autonomous logistics supply chain through autonomous maritime and manufacturing use cases. D4V represents interdisciplinary co-creation program with 20 participating organizations from industry and academia. The program started in spring 2017. In the seminar you will hear about the results achieved so far together with keynote presentations. The list of planned presentations is following:


Keynote presentations:

“The Launch of the Greatest Technological Achievement in Marine” Iiro Lindborg, Rolls Royce

“Gearing up One Sea for the Next Stage” Päivi Haikkola, DIMECC, One Sea ecosystem lead

Results’ presentations:

“Agile manufacturing in ecosystems and virtual factories” Harri Nieminen (Fastems)

“Designing Desirable Digital Disruption” Virpi Roto (Aalto)

“Perspective-taking in anticipatory maritime navigation – implications for developing autonomous ships” Mikael Wahlström (VTT)

“Edge cloud and machine learning in autonomous ships” Miika Komu (Ericsson)

“Maritime Cybersecurity Incident Management” Bill Silverajan (TUT)

“Data Governance in Digital Platforms” Hannu Salmela (UTU)

“Business models in decentralized digital ecosystems” Ville Eloranta (Aalto)

“Creating value by understanding customer’s business” Janne Suominen (MacGregor)