MPIDEA Competition Culminates in Contest between a Cloud Solution, Electric Snow Scooter and Ecological Packaging

The Winner of the first MPIDEA competition, SFTec and Juha Roininen, and other finalists Kaarlo Paakinaho (Adaptos), Joona Heikkinen (M-Files), and Minna Lappalainen (Fixteri). Photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala.

Moments of intense suspense will be experienced next Wednesday the 5th of June in Finland’s biggest Industry Event, MPD. The great Innovation Competition MPIDEA will culminate in its Final at Tampere’s TähtiAreena, with three very different proposals. ‘It’s excellent that we have diverse contestants both in the entire competition and now in the final. All finalists have great potential’, assesses the Chair of the Jury, CEO Juho Romakkaniemi of Finland Chamber of Commerce.

The exceptionally high-quality Jury led by Romakkaniemi has labored the last few weeks with the proposals.

‘Our work has been simultaneously difficult and interesting expressly because of the diversity of the proposals. In the end the selection of the finalists was clear, in the sense that exactly these three proposals were able to convince the Jury of their potential. The MPIDEA Competition strives to create new jobs to Finland, so we took the challenge seriously and reviewed the proposals especially with this emphasis in mind’, describes Romakkaniemi the demanding task of the Jury.

The Jury is enriched by the expertise and vision of President Riku Aalto of the Finnish Industrial Union, major influencer and industrial innovator Professor Yrjö Neuvo, Partner Jussi Hiltunen of the world’s leading consultancy McKinsey & Company, Country Head of Danske Bank in Finland Leena Vainiomäki, leading proponent of Finland’s digitalization and CEO of the Finnish Software and E-business Association Rasmus Roiha, as well as innovation expert Joonas Lyytinen, who has served as Member of the Board of Directors of DIMECC Ltd, the Finnish industry’s and research organizations’ most significant innovation ecosystem.

McKinsey offers the staggering Main Prize

‘Based on the Jury’s assessments I’ve been able to conclude that the general quality of the competing proposals is even higher now than the previous time. This is excellent. The MPD this year is altogether making new records both in quantity and quality. The rise of very different proposals but still each with great potential to the stage at TähtiAreena suits this overall record trend perfectly’, estimates CEO Harri Kulmala of DIMECC, the main organizer of MPD.

The finalists are chasing victory and global success, to be pursued with the aid of the Main Prize provided by McKinsey. McKinsey’s Growth Accelarator Programoffers an invaluable five months of sparring and training by top experts in the global scale.

The summaries of the proposals by the three finalists are based on the materials provided by the finalists themselves.

Diagnosing vibration: ADAcloud

ADAcloud is a fully scalable and system independent cloud solution to maximize customers’ production reliability, productivity and efficiency. The solution is an automatic diagnosis algorithm for vibrations and starts to create value to customers immediately, in minutes after integration work. In the first phase, ADAcloud concentrates on motored pumps and blowers and then moves to more complicated systems like escalators, elevators and wind turbines.

ADAcloud has the potential to create jobs directly in software development and production. In addition, jobs may also be indirectly born as production optimization increases productivity and consequently frees up time for business development and hence, growth. The developer of ADAcloud, Asensiot Oy, sees its product as an excellent opportunity to strengthen Finland ́s competitiveness and employment.

Electric snow scooter: eLyly

eLyly is a Finnish electric snow scooter opening a totally new ecological and entertaining business potential wherever snow is available. Easy, fun, safe, sustainable, silent and the innovation is supported by top expertise. Harri Koskinen, the world renowned designer, links eLyly to ancient Finnish tradition and wood.

The potential both in Finland and globally is huge. Nature and ecological tourism are growing in popularity. eLyly can be utilized by ski centers’ accommodation providers as rentals for visitors during the snow season. The device is also suited for consumers’ recreation and leisure purposes also in urban areas, wherever there is snow. eLyly has been developed by long-time snow safari experts, Forest Manor Ltd. In addition to the new jobs in industrial production in Finland, eLyly is seen as a major ecological boost to the Finnish tourism industry and the image of Finland.

Smarter and more ecological packaging: NWB

NWB provides environmentally better and resource-saving beverage packaging. The global demand for bottled water is huge and hence, the market potential for NWB’s Bag-in-Box is also enormous. The new NWB packaging concept is recyclable, user friendly and logistically efficient. The packaging has 72% less plastic than PET bottles and is 35% more efficient in space utilization than current PET bottles. The whole concept has already been issued a patent.

NWB packaging has a unique design and shape. The box protects the product from direct sunlight and contact of liquid with air is minimized even after opening, which gives the box an extended shelf life. Its unique modular design makes it stackable thus cutting costs in logistics. The necessary production machinery has been designed by NWB and form an entire automated production line, including material handling robotics. With a good potential for employment, NWB Finland Oy sees its product as war against plastic.

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