One Sea, the Promoter of Autonomous Maritime Operations, Continues Its Work in the Field of International Regulation

Established in 2016, the One Sea ecosystem has significantly contributed to advancing autonomous maritime operations. It emerged from the vision of leading maritime industry companies that autonomous shipping is the future solution requiring global collaboration. The One Sea ecosystem, consisting of leading manufacturers, digital solution providers, and operators of automated and autonomous systems, was launched in 2016. The neutral operator DIMECC was selected to operate it, and the ecosystem received substantial funding from Business Finland.

Business Finland recognized the immense growth potential of autonomous maritime logistics for the maritime industry and saw Finland’s maritime technology as a driving force in leading the development of autonomous maritime logistics.

“One Sea represents Finnish maritime technology excellence. It is gratifying to see how our funding aimed at building the ecosystem has produced results and Finland’s position as a leader in autonomous shipping has been strengthened. The leading position means new export opportunities for Finnish companies,” says Nina Kopola, Director General of Business Finland.

Sauli Eloranta, VP of VTT’s Safe and Connected Society research area, who played a significant role in establishing the ecosystem, emphasizes the importance of Finland being a pioneer in adopting new innovations.

“Standing behind and believing in game-changing ideas is the key to success. Collaboration brings visions to life,” says Eloranta.

The technological development of autonomous shipping progressed rapidly from testing phases towards greater readiness for implementation and product market entry. In 2019, members of the One Sea ecosystem identified that the slowness of global regulation and standardization was the major impediment to advancing autonomous shipping. To drive this change, the One Sea association was established. It was ready to outgrow DIMECC’s ecosystem model in 2023 and continue its global operations, promoting the realization of autonomous shipping and creating its prerequisites.

“DIMECC’s mission is to create new business and opportunities by building collaboration. We started our ecosystem activities through One Sea and have since been involved in creating six other ecosystems. In the new world, business is essentially built through multi-actor ecosystems, and One Sea is a great example of our growth,” says Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC.

Chairman Eero Lehtovaara emphasizes that the next phase for the One Sea Association is to focus more strongly on contributing to international regulatory work.

“One Sea wants to be a key influencer in global regulation to create the framework for the implementation of autonomous and automated shipping,” says Lehtovaara.

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