VAMOS Ecosystem Visions: How to Move People and Things with Better Experience and Efficiency

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where urbanization, technological advancements, and sustainability are at the forefront of our collective consciousness, the way we move ourselves is profoundly transforming. At the VAMOS ecosystem, the members join forces to co-innovate and implement practical solutions for moving people and things with better experience and efficiency. VAMOS Visions is part of a series that communicates the vision of how autonomous mobility and smart spaces can help us achieve such a goal in 2030.
Cities will grow bigger and be affected by extreme weather conditions due to the acceleration in the global population and climate change in 2030. VAMOS visions presents three vision stories narrating the daily lives of people in cities worldwide, specifically in the Nordics, North America, and Asia. By utilizing different autonomous fleets and smart infrastructure to tackle such future challenges, cities will function more efficiently while ensuring better safety and convenience for our lives.

Download the whole updated VAMOS Visions as pdf here. For more information about VAMOS Ecosystem, visit the web page or contact the personnel here.

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