VAMOS takes autonomous mobility and smart spaces to international markets

Smart solutions in autonomous mobility

The members of VAMOS ecosystem represent a wide range of technological solutions for autonomous mobility and intelligent spaces. DIMECC

VAMOS Ecosystem (Ecosystem for Autonomous Mobility in Smart Spaces) makes Finnish companies the leading solution providers in the global market for autonomous mobility and smart spaces. Artificial intelligence, data and software play a key role in the transformation of the automotive industry. The digitalisation of transport is creating a significant global market, in which Finnish companies intend to take the lion’s share. DIMECC Oy, Finland’s leading innovation platform in the manufacturing industry, has launched an ecosystem that includes 14 founding companies.


Companies working in autonomy and smart technologies have joined forces to enter international markets faster.

“The goal of the companies involved in the VAMOS ecosystem is to achieve a significant global market share in the next few years. The ecosystem is helping all its players to rise to a new level faster than any single company could. Through cooperation, we reach customers and convince them more efficiently. In addition, we keep pace with developments, as a fast-growing industry needs to constantly develop new business”, says Seppo Kuula, Chairman of VAMOS Management Board and CEO of Unikie.

The increase in automation and real-time data processing in traffic has created a rapidly growing industry.

“The report by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy refers to studies showing that the global transport market is growing from nearly 15 000 billion USD of 2017 to more than USD 26 000 billion by 2030. The annual growth of the total market for autonomous vehicles would be 60 percent in the 2020s”, says Tomi Kankainen, Chief Business Development Officer at DIMECC Ltd.

Modularity as a target

Ecosystem development targets include for example modularity, open interfaces and architectures, as well as tools supporting test-driven product development, digital toolchain and test frameworks. It connects players with relevant companies and organizations globally and creates global benchmarking data on technologies and performance.

“The real threats to robotics and automation are related to momentum delay and loss of competitiveness. This applies to Finland and to the whole of Europe. With the VAMOS ecosystem, we can achieve significant competitiveness in the global market, develop new technological innovations and create jobs in Finland”, says Timo Kupsa, Vice Chairman of VAMOS Ecosystem, Business Director of Solteq.

The ecosystem is managed by DIMECC, which has promoted research and development in industry and digitalisation since 2008.

“We wanted DIMECC to lead VAMOS, because it is a strong player in industrial ecosystems. We need more co-ops and stronger ecosystems in Finland if we truly want to be global competence center for these solutions. VAMOS and automotive industry have many synergistic benefits with intelligent machines and telecommunications. These existing Finnish strengths must be utilized more efficiently if Finnish exports in this sector are to be increased. There is massive space and demand in the world”, says Esko Mertsalmi, one of VAMOS’s initiators, and founder and chairman of Unikie.

VAMOS brings together key players

VAMOS brings together actors who collaborate, compete, and create solutions based on smart space technologies, electrification, and autonomous mobility. The 14 companies already committed to cooperating represent a wide range of autonomous mobility technology solutions.

The founding members of the ecosystem include Cargotec (automated terminal), Deal Comp (embedded computing for autonomous mobility), GIM (mobile robotics), Huawei (camera and sensor stack), Kempower (electric vehicle charging solutions), Mevea (digital twins and real-time simulations ), Murata (MEMS sensors), Nordic Inertial (navigation and positioning solutions), Plugit (electric vehicle charging services), Posiva (nuclear fuel disposal), Rightware (automotive user interface technology), Solteq Robotics (autonomous service robots), Unikie (automated valet parking, secure real-time processes) and VTT  Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. (automatic vehicle technology and designed operating environments for automatic driving systems).

The ecosystem is financed by the participating companies and Business Finland. The ecosystem constantly welcomes new member companies.



Tomi Kankainen, Chief Business Development Officer, DIMECC Ltd., tomi.kankainen@dimecc.com, +358 50 561 1161

Harri Kulmala, CEO, DIMECC, harri.kulmala@dimecc.com, +358 40 840 6380


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