ADMA TranS4MErs – Advanced Manufacturing Assistance and Training for SME Transformation

A project supporting the transformation of 1,000+ manufacturing SMEs to become ‘Factories of the Future’ embracing the ecological, digital, and societal challenges across Europe by 2025.

The well-established technology centre Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), will lead a new, 38 partner, EU funded research project, amplifying pan-European advanced manufacturing assistance and training for SMEs during the next three years.

The ADMA TranS4MErs project will reinforce the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs by providing fast, flexible, pan-European access to advanced manufacturing advice and expertise, as well as training, drawing on expertise contained within the consortium of partners representing all EU-27 member states.

Lise-Ann Sheahan and Peter Purcell have led the coordination of a project valued at over €5.6 million from the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises work programme, building on the effort of European Advanced Manufacturing (ADMA) Support Centre.

“31 proposals were submitted to the Horizon 2020 INNOSUP-08-2020 call for proposals resulting in one winning bid, ADMA TranS4MErs, demonstrating how national investment in manufacturing research leverages success in international projects for the benefit of the Irish and European industry,” says Sean Burke, National Delegate and Contact Point, Innovative Europe (EIC and EIE) Horizon Europe, Enterprise Ireland.

“Many SMEs have challenges in the Industry 4.0 revolution and in the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies and digital business models. ADMA TranS4MErs is a considerable European recognition of DIMECC’s significant expertise and success in accelerating the digital transformation of SMEs to become data-oriented companies. As an European Digital Innovation Hub candidate, DIMECC will bring the necessary leadership to further support our innovation ecosystem with projects of this strategic nature. We demystify digital technologies and new knowledge, and we enable manufacturing SMEs to succeed at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing,” says DIMECC Ltd. CEO Harri Kulmala.



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  • Manufacturing industry, particularly SMEs: See how your SME can benefit through assistance and training with support from an ADMA TranS4MEr; and
  • Research and innovation community: If your organisation is involved in delivering assistance and training for SME transformation see how you can join the learning network and reinforce the knowledge supergrid.

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About the ADMA TranS4MEr project:

ADMA TranS4MErs is a €5.6M project funded by Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Union, building on the work of ADMA, the European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre. The project was officially launched on 1st October 2021. The project will run for 3 years and will be implemented by a consortium of 38 partners from the 27 European Union member states. Coordinated by the Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), ADMA TranS4MErs brings a pan-European multi-partner cooperation together, including research and technology organizations, universities, industry associations, chambers of commerce, incubators/accelerators, regional development agencies, and vocational training institutes.

The project will support ambitious SMEs on their digital transformation journey, designed to ensure that Europe embraces the transformation of the economy and society and brings its benefits to ALL citizens and businesses. ADMA TranS4MErs will build and deliver assistance with digital competencies (underpinned by core technologies such as: high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity) and training in advanced skills in digital technologies in SMEs.

To achieve this objective a knowledge super-grid infrastructure will be reinforced, acting as the main backbone of the project. The core elements such as the refinement of the SME transformation methodology, the pilot website and success stories from ADMA will be complimented by some new additions including:

  • a Cohort of TranS4MErs, experts in advising SMEs will be mobilised, connected to the SME via an application;
  • a Catalogue of Services/Tools, which aims to assist SMEs to choose the most suitable transformation journey for their businesses;
  • the TranS4MErs Quality Mark, which ensures to have the top-quality experts in advising SMEs and implementing significant digitalisation projects;
  • the 70 xChange events, taking place across the EU-27 member states, connected using the most advanced physical and virtual tools, 3 per country in 3 years;
  • The TranS4MErs Digital Platform/Toolbox which will act as a collaboration space for SMEs, large enterprises, and business support organisations providing access to workshops to develop technical expertise in the SMEs, remote advisory services on financial and legal aspects, virtual trainings and webinars, ad-hoc remote support, services and tools of the innovation ecosystem; and
  • The TranS4MErs Vocational education and Training framework(s) related to advanced manufacturing, including a pathway for further scaling-up under the European Social Fund.


In addition, the project will launch two open calls with a diverse value proposition addressing the needs of European Manufacturing SMEs depending on their digital maturity. In each call, the selected SMEs will go through a 2-stage scheme.

  1. In the 1st stage (Design) SMEs will be guided towards the development of their Transformation Plans while having access to TranS4MErs platform as well as a series of trainings and resources to upgrade their team knowledge and skills;
  2. whereas in the 2nd stage (Revamp) TranS4MErs will provide expertise and resources to boost the deployment/ implementation of their Transformation Plan, revamping their facilities towards Factories of the Future.


The geographic reach of the ADMA TranS4MErs partners:

Coordinating partner
Irish Manufacturing Research www.imr.ie Ireland
IMP’ROVE www.imp3rove.de Germany
F6S Network Ireland www.f6s.com Ireland
Technalia www.tecnalia.com Spain
MADE www.en.made.dk Denmark
ARC Consulting www.arcfund.net Bulgaria
EUROPA MEDIA www.europamedia.org Hungary
Latvian Technological Center www.techcenter.lv Latvia
RISE IVF www.ri.se Sweden
Mazovia Development Agency www.en.armsa.pl Poland
PIAP www.piap.pl Poland
AFIL www.afil.it Italy
Systematic www.systematic-paris-region.org France
DIMECC www.dimecc.com Finland
MASOC www.masoc.lv Latvia
North-West Regional Development Agency www.nord-vest.ro Romania
Cyprus Digital Innovation Hub www.cyric.eu Cyprus
Tehimpuls www.tehimpuls.ro Romania
Malta Enterprise www.maltaenterprise.com Malta
Pragma www.pragma-iot.com Greece
Business and Innovation Centre Bratislava www.bic.sk Slovakia
Civitta www.civitta.com Estonia
INTRASOFT International www.intrasoft-intl.com Luxembourg
Fasttrack Action www.fasttrack.vc Portugal
University of Maribor www.um.si Slovenia
Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences www.tc.cz Czechia
Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts www.cci.lt Lithuania
European Crowdfunding Network www.eurocrowd.org Belgium
BEIA www.beia.eu Austria
Lithuanian Innovation Centre www.lic.lt Lithuania
Innovation Quarter www.smitzh.nl Netherlands
RiniGARD www.rinigard.com Croatia
Danish Technological Institute www.dti.dk Denmark
RISE AB www.ri.se Sweden
RISE SWECAST www.ri.se Sweden
RISE SICOMP www.ri.se Sweden
F6S Network www.f6s.com United Kingdom
IMH www.imh.eus Spain


Contacts in relation to this press release:

Doris Pryjma, System Manager, DIMECC Ltd, doris.pryjma(at)dimecc.com





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037866.





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