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DIMECC stands for Digital, Internet, Materials & Engineering Co-Creation.

DIMECC is the leading breakthrough-oriented co-creation ecosystem that speeds up time to market. Our innovation platform makes leaders and winners meet. Our network consists of 2.000+ R&D&I professionals, 400+ organizations, 69 shareholders and 10+ co-creation facilitators.

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FIMECC and DIGILE are now DIMECC. Welcome to our new site!

A future vision of the land-based control centres that will remotely monitor and control the unmanned ships of the future was developed under DIMECC UXUS program.


20 Feb 2017

NSF Cyber Security site about to be established

20 Feb 2017
International collaboration is one of the goals in DIMECC Cyber Trust Program. This ambitious target will be realized through ongoing work with establishing of the Cyber Security and Software Engineering Research Site in collaboration with National S... Read more...

DIMECC julkaisi 3D-tulostuksen oppaan yrityksille

16 Feb 2017
3D-tulostus eli lisäävä valmistus on viimeisten vuosien aikana tullut laajasti hyödynnettäväksi teknologiaksi erilaisissa teollisuuden ratkaisuissa. Samalla tietoisuus sen mahdollisuuksista on levinnyt laajasti myös PK-sektorille, joka on ottamassa t... Read more...


15 Feb 2017

MPD conveys the most productive message for our future: Together

15 Feb 2017
Finland celebrates her one hundred years of independence with the fabulously connective keyword “together”. Young and old, everybody equal, private and public, our differences enriching us all. Now, what has this to do with innovation and industry? E... Read more...

Autonomous traffic is coming – but maybe not the way you thought

07 Feb 2017
Looking at the amount of publicity the driverless car it getting, it is easy to get the impression that the automotive industry is putting its bets on autonomous cars as the future main form of personal transport. All the main car OEMs, plus a growin... Read more...