AISA project strengthens the competitiveness of industrial automation by developing 5G and AI applications

Mobile phone application detects the condition of a Valmet field device. Image: Mika Karaila/valmet

Nokia-led Veturi project AISA presented results in easier positioning and controlling of Valmet’s field equipment


The competitiveness of industrial automation is enhanced through artificial intelligence and high-speed wireless communications. Development work is currently underway on the AISA (AI-assisted Situational Awareness) project, led by Nokia. One of the participants is Valmet Automation Oy, a globally leading supplier of industrial automation.

Artificial intelligence, edge computing and 5G technology open up significant new opportunities in all of Valmet’s core industries. New product features are vital in competing for growth and market share.

“Machine vision systems have been used in the industry for decades. However, artificial intelligence technologies and high-speed wireless data transmission open up tremendous new possibilities for exploiting video and image data. They can be used to reduce downtime in, for example, pulp and paper mills. In particular, it will be easier to locate and monitor field devices, and users can easily get information about the condition of the device, even on the mobile phone. Collaboration with Nokia also facilitates remote support for devices and processes. The new scalable monitoring solutions help our customers increase productivity and quality in several industries,” says Dr. Mika Karaila, Research Director of Valmet.

Industrial automation applications using artificial intelligence and high-speed wireless communications have been developed in a three-year AISA (AI based Situational Awareness) group project since June 2021. The results of the first year of the project were evaluated at a seminar organized at the University of Tampere. In the result demonstrations, the processing of video and image streams using modern machine learning methods was especially emphasized. The application of the latest edge computing and 5G solutions was also strongly featured.

“Based on strong automation and telecommunications expertise, Finland has excellent starting points for utilizing artificial intelligence technologies and 5G technologies in industry. In the AISA project, the pieces have snapped into place in an exceptionally fruitful way. The toughest experts in telecommunications, industrial automation and artificial intelligence have joined forces with industrial users, who believe in the utilization of data. The results of the first year of the project have exceeded expectations,” says DR. Arto Peltomaa, Program Manager from DIMECC.

AISA is a three-year Nokia-led Veturi project whose partners are Nokia Technologies, Valmet Automation, Mirka, Insta, Top Data Science and Tampere University. The project facilitator is DIMECC. The total budget of the project is 12 M € and it is financed by Business Finland and the participating companies.

Valmet Automation Oy is a globally leading supplier of industrial automation and services to companies in the pulp, energy, paper and process industries, as well as the marine and gas industries.

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Program Manager Dr. Arto Peltomaa, DIMECC Ltd., 040-551 1434, arto.peltomaa@dimecc.com


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