Brighthouse Intelligence was awarded the DIMECC Prize 2021 for developing the smart fairway and remote pilotage technologies

DIMECC Prize 2021

DIMECC CEO Harri Kulmala (left) and Program Manager Seppo Tikkanen (right) awarded the DIMECC Prize 2021 to Brighthouse Intelligence’s Managing Director Markku Sahlström (center).

Brighthouse Intelligence won the DIMECC Prize 2021 for activity and collaboration in the Fairway project, which focuses on smart fairway as well as the development of systems required for remote piloting. Brighthouse Intelligence’s expertise and collaboration with other parties has contributed to Fairway being successfully implemented.

One of the highlights of the development work will be a demonstration in December, where the systems required for remote piloting will be tested in parallel with regular piloting. The demonstration uses a data collection and transferring system and remote pilotage center developed by Brighthouse Intelligence, which provides and visualizes information for remote pilot on both the ship’s movement and the fairway conditions.

Based on the information obtained from the demonstration, it is possible to compare the differences between normal and remote piloting in terms of, among other things, the quality of instructions and response times.

Award for exemplary work

The DIMECC Prize is an award for research collaboration between commercial companies and universities. The revolving prize is an explosion-proof crane end carriage wheel made from solid brass.

“Brighthouse’s team has been exemplary,” says Dr. Seppo Tikkanen, Fairway’s Program Manager from DIMECC Ltd.

“It has been a pleasure to work as part of a consortium full of professionals. We greatly appreciate this award and the recognition it brings for our contribution to the project” says Markku Sahlström, Managing Director of Brighthouse Intelligence.

The Fairway project is part of the Sea4Value program, which creates capabilities for remote and autonomous maritime traffic by focusing on new types of services and data flows, and by building capabilities for advanced autonomous functions and navigation.

Brighthouse Intelligence’s Managing Director Markku Sahlström received the DIMECC Prize on Wednesday in Tampere. The annual award was presented by Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC, at the company’s 14th annual seminar. The Twin Transition Day seminar, which focused on the green digital transition in industry, was organized together with Business Finland at Kalmar’s premises in Rusko, Tampere.

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