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August 14, 2016

VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE www.demobooster.com!

Demobooster is a new innovation service for rapid commercialization. It provides a collaboration platform for companies hunting for killer applications through strategic partnerships: an innovation highway from ideas to products.

Demobooster in a nutshellesitteen-kansikuva_100x212

a. The market place where demand and supply of software demos efficiently meet
b. Provides immediate feedback on the functionality and applicability of the demo
c. Speeds up product development process through “success or fail fast” principle

The mission of Demobooster is to demonstrate new ideas in practice. The outcome is not a “slide show presentation” but a concrete solution! Demobooster creates a specialists’ network for the development and marketing new ideas between Appliers (engineering industry) and Producers (software enterprises and expert organisations).

The contract

Minimum contract period with DIMECC Demobooster for companies is 8 months. Participating company will get two opportunities to

  • Announce / give MVP (Minimum Viable Product) specifications to software companies
  • Offer ideas of demo production possibilities (pitch) according to the given MVP specifications
  • Develop and evaluate PoC demos, which are further supporting the commercialization targets of the participating company
  • Get new ideas based on the needs and solutions demonstrated by other Demobooster participants

The contract payment is defined by the size of the company:

Participation fee (+alv 24%)
Micro (>10 persons)                              500 €
Small (11…49 persons)                      1 500 €
Medium-sized (50…249 persons)      3 000 €
Large (>250 persons)                          6 000 €


If you are interested to hear more about the Demobooster service or making the contract please contact Mr. Harri Kulmala

CEO Harri Kulmala
email: harri.kulmala@dimecc.com
tel. +358 40 840 6380

Senior Consultant Lauri Larvus
email: lauri.larvus@gaia.fi
tel. +358 50 389 2703


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