FIMECC Ltd. and DIGILE Ltd. merged: DIMECC Ltd. started

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Since 2008, FIMECC Ltd. and DIGILE Ltd. have led industrial renewal and PPP innovation platforms in Finland. They have enlarged, widened, and increased the efficiency of collaboration between companies, universities and research institutions. The results are significant: Companies participating our platforms have performed better than the outsiders. Global breakthrough concepts and innovations have been reported in our programs. Pre-competitive applied research has been well-resourced in our sectors in Finland. Our role in the European Innovation landscape and PPP pioneering has been recognized by highest possible level: EU Commission.

All this will now be transferred to serve the next generation digitalization speed-up: We connect the manufacturing and ICT-industries through DIMECC. We move to DIMECC time, and speed-up the development of new co-creation methods and work in cross-disciplinary and cross-industrial co-creation themes. Ever faster.

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