Fossil-free steel products are developed in FOSSA project


Hiab’s hooklift is the world’s first load handling application made of fossil-free steel. It was developed in Finland.


The first fossil-free application developed in Finland is Hiab’s MULTILIFT branded hooklift. Hiab, part of Cargotec, has developed the hooklift in FOSSA (Fossil Free Steel Applications) project, which creates a fossil-free value chain from steel production to the end customer in the steel and engineering industries. The project is funded by the participating companies and Business Finland and managed by DIMECC LTd. 

SSAB produces fossil-free steel with HYBRIT technology, which eliminates almost all carbon dioxide emissions in the steelmaking process. SSAB’s fossil-free steel will be available at a large scale in 2026

“SSAB wants to be the world’s first steel company to bring commercial quantities of fossil-free steel to market as early as 2026. A key part of the manufacturing process is the HYBRIT technology developed together with partners. In the process, the coke coal traditionally used in iron-ore based steelmaking is replaced with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen. The result is the world’s first fossil-free steelmaking technology with a truly non-existent carbon footprint”, says Pasi Suikkanen, Product Development Manager, SSAB.

The FOSSA project has three main themes: the value chain of fossil-free steel, advanced steels and applications, and the virtual manufacturing of steel products.

The FOSSA project consortium consists of four companies (SSAB Europe Oy, Cargotec Finland Oy, Fortaco Ostrobothnia Oy, Indalgo Oy), three research organizations (University of Oulu, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, The University of Tampere Foundation) and in kind companies. The total budget of the FOSSA project is approximately EUR 6 million, and Business Finland is participating in the project with EUR 3.26 million. The development of fossil-free hooklift was presented at FOSSA seminar in Tampere.

A MULTILIFT Ultima hooklift was made with fossil-free steel. Image: Hiab

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