Glaston and Tampere University win the DIMECC Prize 2019: Collaboration between an industrial company and the University at its best

Digitalization Manager Kai Knuutila from Glaston Corp. and Professor Heikki Huttunen from Tampere University were awarded the DIMECC Prize 2019. CEO Harri Kulmala presented the prize.

Glaston Corp., which develops automated glass tempering furnace, and Tampere University, the resource of research knowledge and industry expertise, won the DIMECC Prize 2019 for their collaboration.

 The award-winning collaboration between Glaston and the Tampere University has been achieved in the DIMECC MIDAS project, which focuses on industrial artificial intelligence. Glaston’s Digitalization Manager Kai Knuutila received the DIMECC Prize together with Heikki Huttunen, Professor of Signal Processing at the Tampere University, in Helsinki on Monday.

The annual award was presented by DIMECC CEO Harri Kulmala at the 12th DIMECC Seminar. The Digital Factory -themed seminar on industrial data development was organized in conjunction with Combient, a Swedish innovation platform akin to DIMECC.

A brave pioneer of artificial intelligence

Glaston’s Artificial Intelligence development is based on data collected by over a hundred tempering machines in the cloud, which exceeded a million batches of loading early this year. For this platform, Glaston is developing new technologies, such as deep learning neural networks, to increase the automation of the quenching process and to provide proactive maintenance functionality.

There are so far few examples of the application of artificial intelligence in industry. That is why pioneering industrial company like Glaston in developing digital and IoT-based products not only promotes the company’s own competitiveness but also encourages others.

“Glaston has made bold progress in applying artificial intelligence and has achieved significant results. With the products and services now developed, the company is in the forefront of international tempering machines competition”, says Arto Peltomaa, Project Manager at MIDAS.

The University acts as a catalyst

Tampere University has over a decade developed strong expertise in signal processing and industrial automation. It has become a strong center of AI know-how, leveraging industry in the region through education and research projects. Tampere University is a catalyst and partner for industrial companies. Following up on new research techniques and giving industry R&D experts a sneak peek at the forefront of new technologies. The university ensures that industrial companies have capable experts available locally and through international networks. The AI Hub Tampere is a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by Tampere University.

– Tampere University has excellent expertise in machine learning methods and has a proven track record. it has provided training for companies and cooperates students with companies. The University has made great contributions to the challenges of basic education by providing extensive machine learning courses, making sure the future experts know the latest methods”, says Arto Peltomaa.

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