MPIDEA 2019 is on the way with increasing power – Many thanks to all MPD influencers for making innovation happen

Finland’s most important industry event Manufacturing Performance Days 2017 (MPD) has ended at Tampere Hall already building the future. The MPIDEA competition will be organized also connected to the 2019 event, told the Chair of the MPD Organizing Committee Tomas Hedenborg as the final highlight of the MPD.

All MPD-organizers again present their congratulations to the winner of MPIDEA 2017, Juha Roininen and SFTec. Thanks are in order also to all participants of the competition. The goal of MPIDEA is to create 100,000 new jobs to Finland, which is also the ambitious employment objective of the Finnish industry.

‘It is especially the courage and enthusiasm of the MPIDEA participants that encouraged us to decide already now to organize the MPIDEA 2019 idea competition. Thanks to all active participants for their contribution to create new jobs to Finland, we won’t drop the baton now’, promises the Chair of the MPD Organizing Committee Tomas Hedenborg. The MPD has been organized every two years since 2007.

According to Hedenborg, the success of all proposals qualified by the Jury will be followed up. The most important thing – fulfilling the aims – must not be forgotten.


Innovation is decisive for Finland’s wellbeing – thanks to influencers!

‘We want to warmly thank all the influencers, who the MPIDEA possible and raised the topic and significance of innovation creating new jobs. Minister of Labor Jari Lindström himself gave his authority to support the valuable cause’, states Hedenborg on behalf of all the organizers.

Hedenborg thanks the entire Jury of the competition for their hard and precious work, which reflects comprehending the importance of innovation to the prosperity of Finland.

‘We hope that the important views presented in the MPD, supporting public financing of innovation, will be acted upon in the decisions soon to be made. The best incentive for this is DIMECC Ltd, which produces the most efficient innovation in Europe expressly based on the cooperation of public and private financing’, summarizes Hedenborg the industry’s view.

Both Minister of Labor Lindström and the Vice-President of the EU Commission Jyrki Katainen emphasized yesterday DIMECC as an example of an innovation ecosystem of exceptional efficiency in producing added value. The MPIDEA is a continuation of the aim to create wellbeing.

‘On behalf of DIMECC, once again warm thanks to our partners in carrying out the MPIDEA, this has been an excellent example of the result of good cooperation’, thanks CEO Harri Kulmala. Strongly involved have been the first initiator Siemens as well as McKinsey, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Tieto and Fastems.

‘Special thanks go to McKinsey, who as world’s number one consultancy donated the Main Prize, giving their unique expertise to support the success of the winner, and thereby to all Finnish innovation and wellbeing’, stress both Hedenborg and Kulmala.


For further information:

Tomas Hedenborg, Chair of the MPD Organizing Committee, +358 50 310 1999 tomas.hedenborg(at)fastems.com
Harri Kulmala, CEO, DIMECC Ltd, +358 40 840 6380, harri.kulmala(at)dimecc.com

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