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PoDoCo spring application round opens Monday March 1st

PoDoCo has been established to increase number of postdocs in companies and so increase companies’ competence. Currently about 90% of completed PoDoCo projects have ended successfully and postdoc has been hired to the collaboration company. PoDoCo... Read more...

IoT service company Haltian joins One Sea ecosystem

IoT service company Haltian joins the One Sea ecosystem, which promotes autonomous maritime traffic. The digitalisation of maritime transport offers interesting prospects for Haltian, which focuses on intelligent solutions. Known for its IoT devices ... Read more...

The PoDoCo grant amount is increased to 30 000 euros

The five-year-old PoDoCo program starts the year with good news. “We are raising the PoDoCo grant to 30 000 euros. In this way, the opportunity offered by PoDoCo to bring latest research to accelerate the development of companies remains a viable ... Read more...

Nostamme PoDoCo-apurahan 30 000 euroon

Viisivuotiaan PoDoCo-ohjelman vuosi alkaa hyvillä uutisilla. ”Nostamme apurahan 30 000 euroon. Näin PoDoCo:n tarjoama mahdollisuus viedä tuoretta tutkimustietoa yritysten kehitystä vauhdittamaan pysyy varteenotettavana vaihtoehtona vastavalmistuvi... Read more...