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Blogi: Mitä tekoälylle kuuluu?

Tekoäly on ollut kuumimpien teknologiatrendien joukossa ja hypekäyrien aallonharjalla jo useita vuosia. Suomen ensimmäinen tekoälystrategian tiekartta julkaistiin syksyllä 2017. Nyt on sopiva aika kysyä, ovatko odotukset täyttyneet ja juhlapuheet muu... Read more...

Autonomous ships given regulatory guidance

Finalisation of the International Maritime Organization’s scoping exercise for autonomous ship safety crystallises the direction and scale of the regulatory task ahead, writes One Sea Senior Ecosystem Lead Päivi Haikkola, who has participated in and ... Read more...

Blog: Ecosystems and 3D objects of the future

We can’t know what the future looks like, but we know what it’s supposed to look like. Science fiction and other instances, when we have tried to foresee or imagine the future, have produced a plentiful visual catalogue of the years ahead of us. Much... Read more...

On the way to Real-Time Economy

Too many business activities and transactions require manual intervention still today. A clear majority of reporting between businesses or between businesses and public authorities requires at least partially paper-based documentation or PDF document... Read more...