Prima Power was Awarded the DIMECC PRIZE 2023

The DIMECC Prize 2023 award went to Prima Power for its long-term cooperation in DIMECC’s programs and ecosystems.

The DIMECC Prize was received by Prima Power’s Design Manager Esko Petäjä at DIMECC’s 15th anniversary. The award was presented by Program Manager Seppo Tikkanen and CEO Harri Kulmala from DIMECC. PHOTO: Kari Muranen/DIMECC

“Prima Power has been one of our most active customers for 15 years and has achieved good results in our programs. Even now, we have several new projects under development with them”, said Seppo Tikkanen, DIMECC Oy’s Program Manager.
Prima Power’s R&D Manager Esko Petäjä received the DIMECC Prize on Tuesday in Tampere at DIMECC’s 15th anniversary celebration.
“DIMECC cooperation and projects have had a significant impact on Prima Power’s innovative product development and competitiveness,” said Esko Petäjä.
Prima Power, which specializes in the manufacture of sheet metal processing machines, has been actively involved in DIMECC’s operations since the beginning.
Prima Power is always interested in new R&D project preparations in cooperation with other companies and research institutes.Prima Power has participated in seven DIMECC programs. It was involved in the recently concluded InDEx project, where the rules and methods for sharing and utilizing Finnish manufacturing industry data were created. It is currently involved in the Industry X project, which applies artificial intelligence, multimedia, edge computing and 5G to industrial use. Prima Power is also involved in the planning of DIMECC’s new projects.
Prima Power has actively participated in joint development in DIMECC’s ecosystems, for example as a founding member of the FAMN ecosystem. In addition, Prima Power utilizes DIMECC competence development services such as the Machine Learning Academy.
The DIMECC Prize is an award for cooperation between companies and research organizations. It has been awarded since 2009. The prize is a brass, explosion-proof crane end carriage wheel, which was donated as a prize by Konecranes.

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