‘Trust is the key in automation as well’ – Ecosystems are the core focus of Beckhoff and Finland’s largest industry event MPD

Mikko Uuskoski, MD of MPD’s Strategic Partner Beckhoff Automation, believes that trust is the key in automation.

Tampere’s TähtiAreena is already bustling as Finland’s industry influencers gather at the seminars and discussions leading to the MPD main event. ‘Networks are key to success and trust within networks is essential. Therefore, trust is the key in automation as well’, summarizes Mikko Uuskoski, the MD of Beckhoff Automation Oy, one of the strategic partners of MPD. The ecosystem economy is the main theme of Finland’s largest industry event MPD which officially starts tomorrow.

Ecosystems, industrially-focused, economically-focused or research-focused, differ in their goals and in their scope. For the MD of Beckhoff Automation OyMikko Uuskoski, an industrial ecosystem is the foundation of everything, and a successful end result requires mutual knowledge and trust amongst multiple partners.

‘Operations in the automation field are increasingly tied to an extensive network. It is important to join networks that are based on trust and which are genuinely open. In that case, it is safe to establish one’s business within the community. When a company that is financially sound and which has been managed with a long-term focus is in question, it is easier to agree upon deeper and more critical forms of cooperation’, describes Uuskoski who is driving the handsome growth at Beckhoff Automation Oy.

Innovations create added value for ecosystems

Automation and industrial megatrends such as IoT and Industry 4.0 enable entirely new operational processes. If a company does not carefully review the opportunities offered by these trends, they are in danger of being left behind.

‘The significance of automation is understood to a certain degree almost everywhere. However, this does not mean that the opportunities which automation offers have been sufficiently examined. Product and software innovations, inspired by automation, can create genuine added value for various ecosystems. When innovations are skillfully integrated, new systems, methods and modern business models can be created. If the opportunities are not examined or a company does not know how to take advantage of the opportunities, a competitor can win the race’, Uuskoski states.

Over the years Beckhoff has introduced numerous innovations to the market, such as the PC-based control, the modular I/O system, the open real-time industrial Ethernet network and the xPlanar motor system. According to Uuskoski, the modern way of leading the family-owned business offers a fruitful foundation for disruptive innovations and for active and innovative company practices.

‘An encouraging atmosphere that favors an entrepreneurial spirit is the basis of an innovative work community. Mutual trust and respect amongst the members of the community is essential. When these building blocks are in place, the company’s operations can benefit from the community’s expertise and change is not feared but is instead viewed as an opportunity’, Uuskoski describes the basic elements of a successfully led team.

Basic global facts are also integral

‘The population is continuously growing, and, because of the growth of the middle class particularly, consumption levels continue to rise also. Resources, on the other hand, are not growing. This already determines the inevitable need for an increase in automation. Therefore, it is clear that not only has the significance of companies operating in the automation sector increased but above all, the importance of automation continues to grow fast’, Uuskoski describes the still expanding market. This is also a reason why the thousand or so MPD participants offer Beckhoff growth opportunities.

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