TT Gaskets and Framery challenge Tampere region startups to develop products

Demobooster Tampere brings established players and emerging companies together.

TTG Smart Tracking service

TT Gaskets developed TTG Smart Tracking service which enables customers to verify the authenticity of spare parts and track their location. Photo: Jaakko Niukkala

TT Gaskets, a Tampere based gasket industry, is challenging the region’s startups and technology companies to improve their service that supports global gasket trade. 25-30 million gaskets are sent to the world from the TT Gaskets’ Janka plant every year. The family business in its eighties wants to stay at the forefront of development by digitizing its services. At the request of customers, it has developed the TTG Smart Tracking service, which enables customers to verify the authenticity of spare parts and track their location.

Gaskets with a unique and remotely readable identifier facilitate maintenance and inventory management.

“TTG Smart Tracking has been tested and it works globally. We are now at a stage where information about our tracking service should be disseminated to our customers, and we also need to develop a suitable business model for it. We participate in Demobooster Tampere to get bold ideas for increasing the notoriety of the new service”, says Jaakko Niukkala, Smart Engineer at TT Gaskets.

Ideas from outside the box

Demobooster Tampere provides a way for the challenge presenting company to gain new kind of thinking and expertise in product development without having to spend time learning new skills or identifying service providers. Start-up and technology companies, in turn, get the opportunity to present their expertise with customized solutions and put them into practice.

Another challenge presenter in Demobooster Tampere is Framery, which manufactures soundproofed pods and office phone booths. The company’s challenge seeks solutions to monitor the utilization rate and purpose of the usage of the pods and booths to provide customers with more accurate data on the use of Framery products.

“Framery is a global market leader in soundproof workspaces, but we want to look for ways to better serve our customers. We also know that not all knowledge resides in Framery, and that’s why we want to look for great ideas from the outside as well – both the box and Framery. That is why we joined Demobooster Tampere,” says Tomi Nokelainen who is in charge of Framery’s early stage research.

Framery booths

Framery looks for ways to serve their customers even better. Image Framery

Pitchers step forward!

Demobooster Tampere is organized by DIMECC and Business Tampere. It culminates in the DemoDay event to be held in January, where performers of innovation challenges will receive solution pitches from startups. The applier company will continue to work with the most feasible one of these.

“Large companies may not know the know-how of the region’s technology companies and startups. Programs like Demobooster Tampere are a great way to connect these parties and strengthen business development”, says Jouni Myllymäki from Business Tampere.

“TT Gaskets and Framery have presented interesting challenges. It is exciting to see what kind of innovation ideas startups and technology companies develop for these. We look forward to hearing solution suggestions from pitchers”, says Demobooster Tampere leader Doris Pryjma from DIMECC.

Challenge descriptions can be found on the Demobooster website: https://demobooster.dimecc.com/demobooster-events/demobooster-tampere-2021/


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