FINAL REPORT: DEMAPP ”Breakthrough Materials for Demanding Applications – from Science to Solutions”

FIMECC DEMAPP (2009–2014) is an industry-led public-private partnership programme (PPP) focusing on application-driven R&D of advanced materials for extreme service conditions. Through a true multi-disciplinary co-operation between the consortium and with key international partners FIMECC DEMAPP has provided a variety of great scientific results which have been rapidly implemented into practice forming a solid basis for novel competitive solutions and product differentiation for the Finnish industry.

FIMECC DEMAPP programme focuses on novel breakthrough materials with improved performance for applications in demanding operational and service environments. The target has been to tackle challenges related to critical wear, corrosion, friction and fatigue and to develop novel breakthrough materials solutions for the demanding applications in e.g. the process, energy and engineering industry. Building deep understanding of both specific demanding application conditions and the related physical phenomena FIMECC DEMAPP has achieved great results with high industrial impact over a wide range of applications.

Examples include. e.g. novel nickel-free corrosion-resistant stainless steel (by Outokumpu) bringing a new cost-effective and high-performancematerial to applications ranging from wall panels to exhaustsystems and household equipment; new cast aluminium alloys (byAlteams) with 50% better thermal conductivity over the state-of-theart,solving critical problems of heat removal in electronic housing,base station equipment, etc., or key enablers for a complete family of wear-resistant and ultra-high-strength steels (by Ruukki Metals) bringing e.g. energy-efficient, light solutions for transport as well as safety and new performance for harsh crushing and mining applications.

Have a closer look at these and many more result highlights, and the stories behind them.


Markku Heino, Spinverse Ltd.

Vilja Vara, Spinverse Ltd.

Kalle Kantola, FIMECC Oy


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