FINAL REPORT: FIMECC MANU SUBPROJECT Visualization of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators

Final report from FIMECC MANU program subproject Visualization of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators. The main focus of the subproject was on sustainable manufacturing and product development. The final report illustrates the research results and research implications of the subproject.

Visualization of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators -subproject was part of FIMECC’s MANU program during 2013–2015. The aim of the Visualization of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators -subproject was to develop a process model for identifying and implementing relevant sustainability KPIs, and linking the measurement results to performance improvement and management. The special focus was on manufacturing and product design.

General overview as well as research needs on sustainability in the manufacturing companies in Finland were created with Internet questionnaires, company interviews and workshops. Research and development work was carried out at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in collaboration with MANU program partners.

Sustainability is more than just being green or nature friendly. According the findings of the subproject sustainability has three pillars, economics, social and environmental aspects. The final report shows concept for Sustainability Measurement Framework. The aim is to use sustainability performance indicators, and data to create competitive advantage. Sustainability Measurement Framework conceptual model was tested with one industrial case and in the final report shows some examples on how to integrate sustainability aspects to digital manufacturing tools. The developed Sustainability Measurement Framework is based on Six Sigma and can be adapted to all product life-cycle phases. In addition to the framework the subproject included extensive international dissemination with 5 research publications and 3 research reports targeted for MANU program stakeholders.

Take a closer look at the Sustainability Measurement Framewok and the results of Visualization of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators -subproject.


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