FINAL REPORT: FutIS “Future Industrial Services”

Future Industrial Services – FutIS (2010-2016) was establish to investigate the strategic opportunities associated with service-based value creation. At the time of establishment of DIMECC FutIS program the business landscape was changing rapidly, and industrial service was taking center stage in that transformation. The aim of the DIMECC FutIS program was to work out the skills, process and tools development needs to capitalize on the change. The final report illustrates the research results and impact of the DIMECC FutIS program.

The final report showcases academic and service business development results created in the DIMECC FutIS program. The booklet is an outcome of the work of some 400 academic and business professionals involved in the DIMECC FutIS program during its 5 year duration. The aim of this booklet is straight-forward. It reports new insights, work processes and tools that industrial companies need during their journey into an era of industrial service business and intangible value creation.

The academic results make a sizable ’splash’ with over 250 high quality international journal and conference publications. The business results are equally impressive: 105 joint projects with customers, 125 changes to products or services and 169 changes to operating procedures and processes. In addition, the two practical service business development books offer practical tools, processes and methods for industrial service developers.

Take a closer look at the results of DIMECC FutIS program!

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