FINAL REPORT: MANU “Future Digital Manufacturing Technologies and System”

Future Digital Manufacturing Technologies and Systems – DIMECC MANU (2012-2016) was initialized with the aim of boosting digitalization in the Finnish manufacturing industry. The topics of DIMECC MANU covered different aspects of digitalization of manufacturing, including digital tools to manage and optimize manufacturing processes, as well as information flow in manufacturing networks and in manufacturing execution systems. Today, the importance of digitalization is widely acknowledged within the manufacturing industry, and we can see the concrete business benefits of DIMECC MANU program. The final report shows the research results and impact of the DIMECC MANU program.

DIMECC MANU program has created a foundation for digitalization in Finnish industry. Finnish industry consists of companies producing highly customized products and project-based machinery deliveries without the benefits of mass production. DIMECC MANU has focused on these unique features of Finnish industry. In DIMECC MANU program fast supply lines with customized digital software, updated product data management for product ramp-up, effective material flow for components, metal 3D-printing applications for plastic molds, and even copper-based machine components with heat treatments has been developed. All of these actions have had one ultimate goal: a novel Smart Factory, which means smart design, effective manufacturing, and agile operations.

DIMECC MANU share a lot of brand-new research results, more than 100 publications, and a lot of digital applications implemented in participating organizations. Take a closer look at the great results achieved in DIMECC MANU program!


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