FINAL REPORT: S-STEP “Smart Technologies for Lifecycle Performance “

Smart Technologies for Lifecycle Performance – DIMECC S-STEP (2014-2016) was positioned in the crossroads of two megatrends: the growing importance of industrial service business and the emergence of the industrial Internet. Realizing industrial Internet opportunities in complex investment products like power plants, industrial lifting devices, and metal manufacturing machinery requires progress in several research challenges and increasing co-operation among machine manufacturers, ICT-sector and research institutes. The final report illustrates the research results and impact of the DIMECC S-STEP program.

The S-STEP program consisted of four research areas with the common goal of creating the industrial Internet technology that enables superior services for Finnish industry:

  • Raising machine-level embedded intelligence to a new level
  • Creating methods for real-time analytics, prediction, and reasoning, and utilizing these for optimal operation with integration into remote maintenance systems
  • Developing simulation and prediction technologies that enable services for production chain optimization
  • Empowering field service personnel, especially in the contexts of maintenance and remote operation services

The final report presents key results of the S-STEP program emphasizing the industry impact. The report includes fourteen industry case presentations indicating how the results contribute to creating new services and new product sales. An important aim of the report is to give inspiration, encouragement and lessons learned information for next industrial internet research activities in Finland.

Read the S-STEP final report here.

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