FINAL REPORT: UXUS “User Experience and Usability in Complex Systems”

User Experience and Usability in Complex Systems – UXUS (2010-2015) challenged current products, services, routines and organizational cultures by introducing user experience thinking for company operations. The aim of the FIMECC UXUS program was to develop and improve the competitiveness of the Finnish metals and engineering industry with the touch of UX. The final report illustrates the research results and impact of the FIMECC UXUS program.

Five years ago, some of Finland’s metals and engineering industry companies were looking for new ways to tackle challenges and concerns. With the shared vision, that industrial design and end users are key to reinventing a business, to coming up with innovative new products and services, and to enabling radical changes, a group of business people and researchers embarked together on a quest for new knowledge. How could the user experience, or “UX”, be utilized to make Finland’s metals and engineering industry more competitive? What does UX mean in the context of complex systems? What does it mean in the business-to-business context? The overall target of the programme was to radically renew practices of Finnish metals and engineering industry by developing and implementing new design and collaboration methods that produce personalized user and customer experiences.

The final report aims to summarize the most valuable learning achieved during the programme as well as many examples that hopefully will support others in applying newly created knowledge in their business. The material is based on insights furnished by company representatives and academics working at FIMECC UXUS programme. The final report consists of six differently themed sections describing the actions taken and the lessons learned. The report focuses particularly on companies’ perspectives, their learning journeys on UX during the programme.

Take a closer look at the results of FIMECC UXUS programme and remember: it’s all about the experience.

UXUS Final report Prezi presentation

UXUS Final report

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