Low friction with graphene oxide composites

Graphene oxide silica composites with good friction and wear performance were developed and used for the first time in steel-steel contacts. These composites provided up to 50% lower friction when used as lubricant additives.


LOLUB project within FIMECC DEMAPP program has developed graphene oxide composites to be used as lubricant additives in in high load steel-steel contacts such as gears and bearings. These additives decrease friction and protect the contact materials from wear. The project has provided understanding on the behaviour of these novel carbon nanomaterials.


Up to 30% of energy consumption in the world goes to overcoming friction]. A large part of this energy is produced using unrenewable raw materials such as oil. It is clear that new solutions and material development are needed to provide better friction performance.


A large set of laboratory scale testing has been done and field testing is planned. In future this composite material can be used to provide low friction solutions using novel lubricants.


Vivek Singh, Oskari Elomaa, Aalto University


Aalto University

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