Participatory methods in service innovations and servitization research published

During DIMECC’s Future Industrial Services (FutIS) program, different methods have been used not only for research, but for boosting the service innovation and knowledge creation processes in and between technology-based firms and research teams. This high-tech result summarizes three participatory methods that were used in FutIS.

The first chapter introduces how companies have benefited from students’ service concept development work, based on the new service ideas that companies have created during the research work. In this way, the partner companies have gained new input from “outsiders” to their service innovation processes, and at the same time FutIS research results have been diffused rapidly as part of university education. The second chapter proposes that user research methods are not only intended for the front end of innovation, but they can be used effectively also in the commercialization phase of innovation. It shows that different user research methods can be used for different purposes. The third chapter focuses on a tested way to improve the quality of publishing from service research. FutIS researchers engaged in ten roundtable events where they shared their work-in-progress publications with peers and received constructive feedback and, thereby, developed their research results toward international-level publications.

DIMECC’s FutIS program produced many kinds of research, business and content results, but also methodogical experimentation and innovation took place. This high-tech result summarizes some of the methodological innovations.

These results demonstrate that FutIS program has been an excellent platform for experimenting with participatory methods for service innovations and servitization research, besides activating service-oriented business transformation in technology-based firms.

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