Service business mindset – Examples of how technology-based firms move toward services

This booklet introduces the rationale for service business transformation and the key components of service business mindset. It shows practical examples of how technology-based firms have adopted and enhanced their service business.

Different technology-based firms take different steps to move toward service business. This booklet explains why firms consider service business transformation and gives an overview to “service business mindset”, i.e. companies’ orientation toward service business. Practical examples of the different aspects of transforming the service business mindset are introduced from OP Group, Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka, SSAB, Konecranes, Wärtsilä, Nokian Tyres, Cramo and Yleisradio.

The booklet is written by researchers and company partners working in WP1 “Service business mindset” of the FutIS program (Future Industrial Services). About 15 companies have participated in WP1 in adopting and enhancing new service business, and the examples in this booklet outline some of the findings.

As manufacturing companies move toward industrial service business, they need new tools, processes and practices to ensure the adoption and enhancement of service business mindset. The booklet summarizes concrete and simple ideas that FutIS firms have used in their transformation.

Technology-based firms’ service business transformation can be promoted by learning from the practical examples of other companies that have already carried out changes in their service business mindset. The ideas in the booklet can be used to increase a firm’s strategic orientation toward services. The booklet is intended for technology-based firms’ managers, developers and other experts implementing or considering transformation towards industrial service business.

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