Digitalisation of construction projects with multiple stakeholders


Photo: Wärtsilä

Large delivery construction projects are dependent on the smooth collaboration and distribution of vast amounts of information among the participants. Within Fimecc’s Rebus programme Wärtsilä has developed and started using a new cloud-based approach for on-time information sharing and collaboration in projects. The new approach is an important step towards the digitalisation of delivery projects and construction sites.

Delivering and constructing large industrial facilities, such as power plants, is a huge affair. In Wärtsilä’s case, a typical project may involve the production of hundreds if not thousands of drawings and documents to be shared between different parties. Common stakeholders are, apart from a multitude of internal ones: the customer, its consultant, designers, construction and installation companies and suppliers. Given the fact that for one task a party is dependent upon information from another party, on-time delivery of information is of utmost importance for the success of the project.

For the purpose, Wärtsilä Energy Solutions has not only developed but also deployed a new approach based on a DCM365 collaboration platform. With the help of the cloud-based approach Wärtsilä can in seconds share role-based information to any party, be this party located almost anywhere in the world. For customers this will create added value by enabling correct information in a fast, efficient and secure way. With DCM365 customers are invited to be part of Wärtsilä’s efficient project management experience. This development has been one of Wärtsilä’s activities in the Fimecc Rebus programme. The full scale deployment of the approach is going on.

With the help of the new approach Wärtsilä can significantly speed up the information sharing in a project whilst also making it easier for customers and stakeholders to perform their own activities towards the project by offering the users complete control of project information, documentation, communication and deadlines. DCM365 provides easy but secure access for all stakeholders to data relevant for them. It will also keep them up-to-date by usage of e-mail notifications on events. DCM365 is fully customizable to fit for use in any projects and any type of project setup.

Earlier, information was typically distributed by shipping a number of folders filled with drawings to remote locations taking days if not weeks in time to fill the bookshelves of the collaborating parties. Now the same happens in seconds. The new approach also smoothens the technical supervision work on site. No longer the supervisors need to walk back and forth between the office to fetch the correct drawings, but it can be conveniently carried around the site on a tablet in their pockets. For this, Wärtsilä has developed a Site365 tablet application that enables information on the go. The tablet downloads and uploads information to and from DCM365. Again, in the course of a few seconds. Naturally this collaboration approach reduces the need for documentation on paper and the risk for outdated information, not to mention the green benefits.

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