Cyber Trust

August 11, 2016

We are more and more dependent on networks and data processing infrastructure while our infrastructure is becoming more and more dependent on unpredictable risks. Everywhere present computing means that we do not know when we are using dependable devices or services and there are chain reactions of unpredictable risks. If we do not prepare in advance for cyber security risks, we will face severe disasters over time.

However, there is also great potential in Finland to be the leading country in cyber security. We want to make cyber security to be seen as a key enabler for the development and maintenance of trust in the digital world. It is important to complement the currently dominating “cyber security as a barrier” perspective by emphasizing the role of “cyber security as an enabler” of new business, interactions and services – and recognizing that trust is a positive driver for growth!

Trust comes from collaboration. Collaborative research programs will be DIMECC’s main instrument in the implementation of the SRA.

The Cyber Trust program started in May 2015. See more from the program webpages.