ESCALTECH – Empowering scale-up of CB tech-sector companies

May 11, 2023

Project objectives and main activities: 

Our primary goal is to develop and implement a robust Support program that empowers technology start-ups to scale up their operations and expand their activities in the marketplace. This is achieved by mapping companies’ needs and responding to them by offering customized support and resources. Our international co-operation allows us to provide a range of services and activities to potential scale-up companies, including matchmaking and coaching activities, individual and group mentoring sessions, thematic trainings, seminars, and workshops.

Altogether we expect 90 companies to attend the Support Program, with 30 companies achieving the scaleup status as defined by the Central Baltic Program* by the end of the project in 2026.

In ESCALTECH, we recognize the potential of technology start-ups to drive innovation and create jobs, which is why we are passionate about helping companies succeed. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we believe that we can create a supportive ecosystem that enables startups to thrive and unlock their full potential.

We are now mapping companies’ needs and look forward to partnering with technology startups across Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, so please join already today! See below how you can start your journey towards scaling up and achieving your business objectives!

Who can participate?

  • Industry focus: Central Baltic tech-sector companies, focusing e.g. on smart manufacturing, ICT, e-governance or smart mobility​.
  • Size and age: Startups and other companies interested in scaling up. Companies must be max 5-7 years old by project start 3/2023. Companies have the potential to scale up and are financially able to participate.

How to participate:
Please contact the local contact person for the project (see details below).

Organization contact persons:

Medha Gupta, medha.gupta(at)dimecc.com Doris Pryjma, doris.pryjma(at)dimecc.com Risto Lehtinen, risto.lehtinen(at)dimecc.com


Project information
Project period: 1.03.2023-28.02.2026
Project budget: 1 791 028  EUR
Project partners: Lead Latvian ICT cluster (Latvia), ITL (Estonia), DIMECC (Finland)

ESCALTEC official web page

Project activities supported by: Interreg Central Baltic Region co-funded by the European Union

* https://centralbaltic.eu/programme/programme-objectives/2-more-new-scaled-up-growth-companies/