September 21, 2023

The Necoverse project aims at the development and utilization of new training, planning and operating environments in shipbuilding. The main part of the project is a metaverse, which creates shared interactive three-dimensional experiences with the help of virtual reality, augmented reality and videos. The virtual shipyard environment operating in the industrial metaverse offers new opportunities for many people, from interior designers to trainers of shipyard workers.

The two-year 5.5 million euro Necoverse project is part of Meyer Turku’s NEcOLEAP locomotive ecosystem, which aims to develop a climate-neutral cruise ship concept by 2025. In Necoverse, new collaboration tools are being developed for the Meyer shipyard, which improve energy efficiency in training, commissioning, planning, operation and maintenance.

The companies dSign Vertti Kivi & Co, Finpeda, Hollinki, Kiwa Inspecta, Lingsoft and Meyer Turku, as well as the research institutes Aalto University, Turku University of Applied Sciences and VTT, are participating in Necoverse, piloted by Turku University of Applied Sciences and industry’s co-creation company DIMECC. The project is financed by Business Finland, research organizations and partner companies.

Necoverse – Next Generation Training, Design and Operation Environment Utilizing Industrial Metaverse




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