Industry X

December 29, 2022

Industry X strengthens Finnish companies and Academia in becoming global leader in edge-enabled research and technology in chosen industry domains. It aims in demonstrating efficiency and business potential in applying AI, multimedia, edge computing and 5G in industry.

Core technologies:

•Multimodal audio-video streaming for environment sensing

•AI for industrial adaptation and data processing

•Edge computing for high-speed and scalable processing

•5G for ultra-low latency between distributed computing nodes

•Digital twins for visualization


Industry X Key partners are Nokia, Fastems, Glaston, Pemamek, Prima Power, Raute, Vacon, Vaski and  Tampere University.


Industry X is a 30-month project, which ends in 2025. It is part of Nokia’s Veturi Program Competitive Edge, facilitated by DIMECC.

Contact Program Manager Arto Peltomaa, arto.peltomaa(at)dimecc.com.