February 22, 2019

DIMECC with its customers and shareholders started the company’s very first project in Sweden in November 2018. In Smart Steel, SSAB, Sandvik, and Siemens will create new digital marking, fingerprint and identity for steel and it’s use cases. These will change the way how customers can analyse and use the information related to steel through data systems and mobile applications. The target is standardization of digitally identified steel. The idea of Smart Steel is brought to publicity by SSAB, the biggest investor of the project.

Swedish research institute RISE and Swerim will carry out technological research and pilot tests together with the companies. Swedish industry network FindIT will disseminate the results fast to a network of more than 200 manufacturing and IT companies in Dalarna region. DIMECC brings the most efficient and well-proven co-creation mechanisms to the leadership and management of the project, and to the ecosystem’s new business creation. Vinnova, the Swedish governmental RDI funding institution, has granted the 50% public funding for the project.

Smart Steel is part of the Swedish strategic innovation program (Strategiska Innovationsprogram SIP) and it’s center PIIA (Process Industry och Industrial Automation). SIPs were established in Sweden in the mid-2010s after benchmarking the high-impact experiences in the Finnish SHOK-programs. DIMECC now continues the Public Private Partnership once started in Finland also in Sweden.

Contact: harri.kulmala@dimecc.com

Schedule: 2018-2021

Volume: 10 MSEK

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