Report on lowering life-cycle costs of machine and systems


Energy and life cycle cost efficient machines – EFFIMA (2009-2014) is one of the first FIMECC programme initiatives. The main target of the programme was to develop new technology and solutions that enable machines and systems with dramatically lower life-cycle costs. The final report illustrates the research results and impact of the FIMECC EFFIMA programme.

FIMECC EFFIMA programme is the first close co-operation initiative of this intensity organized by the machine-building community gathering together substantial group of companies (38) from the Finnish machine building industry and all major research institutes (9) with activities in the field. The programme focuses on developing new technology and solutions enabling machines and systems with dramatically lower life-cycle costs – especially lower energy consumption – compared to what was considered to be state-of-the-art internationally. FIMECC EFFIMA has achieved many useful and tangible results that can be counted, categorized and evaluated from a number of different perspectives.

Results examples include e.g. Zero Power Sensor concept revolutionizing wireless sensor networks; digital micro hydraulic valves cutting fuel use up to 50 % and enabling higher performance and reliability of machines and processes; haptic control increasing productivity, damage avoidance and ergonomics; tools and solutions for designing and improving energy and lifecycle efficiency of ships/fleets; industry-academia cooperation enabled novel R&D process with significant utilization of Virtual Reality technologies; tools and technologies developed to facilitate design and implementation of automated multi-machine systems. In addition 210 scientific publications has been published.

Take a closer look at the results of EFFIMA programm:

FIMECC PUBLICATIONS SERIES NO. 2. FINAL REPORT 2/2014: Energy and Life-cycle Cost Efficient Machines 2009–2014.



Ismo Vessonen, VTT (Programme Manager)
Kalle Kantola, FIMECC Oy

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