The Finnish Cyber Trust Program 2015–2017

In Cyber Trust Program, cyber security was approached with the following themes: security technology, situation awareness, security management and resiliency. We need to be aware, have correct understanding of security incidents, network traffic and other important aspects that affect security. Therefore, we need situation awareness. For protection, we need security technologies, but we must not forget human aspects and managing security correctly. For that, we need security management. As a result, we will have resilient systems, services and infrastructures that are able to resist and recover from disturbances caused by the surrounding hostile environment.

Cybersecurity is one of today’s most challenging societal security problems, affecting both individuals and organizations such as large commercial companies, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), non-governmental institutions (NGOs) or governmental institutions. Deliberate or accidental threats and attacks threaten digitally administered data and digitally handled processes. Sensitive data leaks can ruin the reputation of companies and individuals, and the interruption of digital processes that organizations rely on in their daily work flow can cause severe economic disadvantages.

The Finnish Cyber Trust Program 2015–2017 provides a new proactive approach of cyber security that is driven by knowledge of vulnerabilities threats, assets, potential attack impacts, and the motives and targets of potential adversaries.

Read the Cyber Trust Report here.

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